...My wine has flesh and bones, which are perfumed with my memories, the taste which covers ones tongue, and wakes up all of your senses, my wine is the blood of these fields and everything that I have in me.

Libero Rillo


From Guida Veronelli

Libero and his father Orazio work theses fields with the courage of a farmer, on the silent hillsides of Benevento.
Their red wines have a strong character; the whites are fine and fruity. The wine that dominates all of them is the dense and velvet like Orazio, aglianico with cabernet and merlot. The deep Vigna Catarattte, the aglianico reserve, charming is the Facetus, falanghina and coda di volpe (fox tail) are fruity and fine, and what a pleasure is the Rosato da Aglianico.


Luigi Veronelli



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