The whole territory of Torrecuso is situated on the hillsides, which start from the river Calore to the slopes of the Pentime Mountain. It is the district of the Taburno which also includes the Tower Building. The hillsides are sunny and covered with grapevines. Up to 50 years ago, it was occupied by small farmers who cultivated everything with the techniques of their times and their results are the satisfaction of their fruits. In those days their crops were produced for the needs of the family. Over the years, with the introduction of agricultural machinery, it has allowed all of the farmers to improve their crops and fields. In this land, a lot of faith and hard work has taken place to improve the production of these wines; the hillsides are now noted for the development of cultivating of the area of Torrecuso. With the help of the local government, the hillsides are now producing the Wine "Aglianico".

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