Fontanavecchia is located near the homonymous district of the city of Torrecuso at the foot of the Taburno mountain. Seen from here the massif resembles a sleeping woman, the elegant and majestic "Dormiente del Sannio" (Samnium’s sleeper). The Rillo family will guide you on a tour of vineyards and wine cellars. We will explain the variable and crucial duration of fermentation, reveal the inner halls where maturing reserve wines rest for decades, and allow you delve deeply into a fascinating world, a silent temple filled with the secrets we passionately keep.


The Rillo family, gifted winemakers and since centuries dedicated to the production of grapes and wines of highest quality, has decided to expand the company's offer and add to the already abundant production of wines a rich and authentic menu of typical dishes from the culinary tradition of Benevento, with the option to organize lunch and dinner events for special occasions and anniversaries.

We offer ten wonderful routes comprising vineyards, cellar and wine-tasting, that present the history and the wine production of the company, with in-depth information on grape varieties from Benevento, the management of the vineyards and the methods of wine making.

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Discover the treasures of Taburno, our passion, the magic and charm of one of the areas most dedicated to wine production: vast expanses of vines that, like a stronghold, protect our precious grapes and expose them to the light and beneficial warmth of the sun.

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Fontanavecchia becomes a gourmet experience

The joy of a well prepared table, the taste of authentic hospitality, the honesty of flavours from the Campania region. The traditional recipes of our homeland accompanied by the precious wines of the Taburno area.

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